tickets please!

heavens! i'm rolling on the floor laughing. the photos from wednesday are truly horrifying! i don't even dare to upload them...
wednesday was so much fun!
* kainberger-pre-party with a runway show, sexy dancing and (fake)fur coats
* remembar - the club for womanizers (aged 30 and older...), (wannabe) snobs and fancy-schmancy ones
* solaris - A.G.TRIO presented their first music video. we weren't so keen on seeing it, so we missed all that and just came for dancing
* the best at the end: we fooled some ticket inspectors, knocked a moped-car down and finally got caught from the police but they didn't fine us. the conversation looked a bit like that:
police: good morning. id-cards please...
we: no problem
police: did you knock the car down?
we: no, what car do you mean? / i can't see very good at the moment... / i don't know what you are talking about. / ...
police: ok


  1. was hab ich denn schon wieder für ein problem? (foto)

    haha.. mah he!

  2. in dem moment hast du dir vl gedacht "woho ich bin die coolste!"


  3. haha.. na da is definitiv der lukas der coolste

  4. fuck the video - let's dance!