caribou at the helmut-list-halle
someone of caribou is a "socks & sandals"-wearer (my supposition: the drummer, he wore red-dotted socks and no shoes)

love confessions or something like that?

mr. super-beer - ready to take off

how to save money: drink the leftover of other peoples beverages (kind of disgusting, eh?)

~5h homeward journey (i saw cows, treetops, damn stupid people and the vöst by night. amazing, isn't it?)

what else?
honestly...it wasn't a fulfilling night. some artists couldn't come and as a result the whole timetable changed. i couldn't see dels, huoratron, sizarr (they definitely played too early), etc.
B U T even if the festival-thing wasn't THE killer, everything else was fantastic / glittering / incredible / funny / stinky / wet / splendid!
in other words: i had so much fun that i totally forgot about taking photos (all in all: 10 pics and 99% of them look like shit. whatever!)

dear graz, i'll see you again at the elevate (hopefully longer than just for one day!).

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