shame on me! took only 2 more or less usable photos...errrm whatever! springfestival was as smashing as usual. imagine, this year i even managed to attend one springsession lecture by the great stefan sagmeister. bless him, he's cool. unfortunately i got a chill on my kidneys or something like that there. couldn't walk without having pains, but hey! why don't have some delicious painkiller-cocktails? yesssss...never mind, spring is for dancing not wailing. music was banging, e.g. amon tobin, foreign beggars, mixhell, huoratron, aquarius heaven and some other stuff i can't remember the name of. modeselektor bitterly disappointed me. the visuals were too small for the tremendous stadthalle and they didn't played my favourite song - bastards! NEVERTHELESS the 5 days in graz were totally worth it.

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